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Favorite Classics: Win a book!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

This week we honor the greats!

As authors, we stand on the shoulders of giants. They inspire us and set the standard. For many of us, these books formed our thinking as young adults.

Click on the pictures above to view a sliding panel of 25 of the most well-known classics, at least some of which you may have studied at school / university. They cover a wide range of genres, which just goes to show there is no limit to a book's reach. There is something for everybody.

Do you spot any lingering favorites? Any you re-read later in life and loved even more second time around? Any you know by reputation only? What about a classic you personally enjoyed that I have not included?

My short list of top favorites from this collection would be, in no particular order:

Murder on the Orient Express

The Time Machine

Pride and Prejudice


To Kill a Mockingbird

Hobbit / Lord of the Rings

Can you guess which is my absolute favorite from the short list? The answer may surprise you!

In the comments section, guess my favorite and mention yours (with a brief explanation of why you enjoyed it so much) and you could win a free copy of that book! First entry to correctly guess my favorite, wins :-)


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