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Tales of Timeless Romance (2023)



How Do I Love Thee?
(one of six novellas based on famous romances in history)

     Spinster is such a loathsome word. But—Miss Sophia Grant has to confess—this is what she has become. With the first strands of greying hair, and lungs weakened by childhood illness, she does not expect to become anyone’s wife anymore. Sophia does not mind it too much. After all, she has her many siblings around her. And her writing, of course. Her days are full of everything that matters. That is, until the letter comes.

     Tobias Mannerly is entirely smitten with the written word. It fills every corner of his thoughts and imagination. Perhaps that is why he has not yet found love—no woman can reach his heart the way poetry does. Words are his passion, especially those in the latest poem by a certain Miss S. Grant. How they speak to him, call to him! He must write to her. She must know what power she wields on the page.

     What begins as a simple letter by an ardent young literary admirer soon develops into genuine affection. Two modest souls appear to have found their match. But how can Sophia tell her beau that she can never marry? If her father even suspected her feelings, he would be furious! Losing his wife has made him fragile. Clinging to his remaining family has made him unreasonable. It seems an impossible situation. It is just the sort of challenge love is made to overcome, if only Tobias can convince Sophia she deserves it.

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