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Sneak Peek

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

This week, instead of a blog, I am extending an invitation with a free gift to all my wonderful subscribers.

Here’s your chance to have a peek into my unpublished manuscripts!

Would you like a glimpse into one of my books? Which of my current projects appeals to you most?

Is it

First Impressions,

A New Day, or

Armor of God: The Prophecy?

How do you participate? It couldn’t be simpler!

1. On the website, you will see Current Projects listed in the menu. Browse the short blurb on each project and see which tickles your interest. Here they are below:

2. Let me know which one you wish were available in print, with a short reason why you chose that specific one. To reply, use the comments section of this blog.


If you are not yet a subscriber, but would like to take advantage of this offer, simply enter your email to subscribe to the blog. This allows you to make comments as a member.

This offer runs until the end of July 2020. On 1 August, everyone who has taken part will receive an email with a chapter from the book they have selected.

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